Our Mission

 Our mission at North Florida Integrative Medicine is to create and inspire 

"health advocates" or people who discover and utilize practices 

to improve their own health and well-being. 

Our vision for the future is a world where chronic disease is completely eradicated and a society where individuals truly take their own health and well-being into their hands.

Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease.  

Functional Medicine recognizes that the human body is a complex and intimately interconnected system, while conventional medicine separates the body into disparate organ systems with various sub-specializations. Functional Medicine centers on disease prevention, while conventional medicine focuses on disease management. 

Simply put, Functional Medicine is a much-needed evolution to Western medicine that better addresses the ever-increasing healthcare needs of the 21st century.

After years of treating patients, our Medical Director, Dr. Anil George realized there is far more to medicine that simply pushing pills and symptom management. Through his extensive research and decades in the field, Dr. George narrowed down what he believes are the "5 Pillars of Healthy Living." 

He believes that if you implement these 5 principles, then you too can unlock the potential to prevent and potentially reverse chronic disease. It is through this ancestral template that is backed by modern science that our dedicated team at NFIM aims to truly impact our patients and make a real difference in the modern healthcare space.

Please note: If you are specifically seeking comprehensive functional care, please be sure to inform our staff before booking an appointment. We are an integrative medical practice which means we offer both functional and conventional medical care. Functional medicine visits are currently only available on Fridays and consist of 1 hour of dedicated and personalized care, as opposed to the standard 15 minute conventional visit. The extended visit allows us to truly understand and address your individual health needs. 

The 5 Pillars of Healthy Living

Pillar I: Diet and Nutrition


Humans thrive on an ancestral-based diet that focuses on whole, natural foods and 

eliminates highly processed foods. 

Pillar II: Exercise and Movement


Human beings are designed to walk great distances and move functionally. 

Move more and sit less. 

Pillar III: Proper Sleep Practices


Sleep is essential - we sleep for 33% of our lives. Restful and restorative sleep is crucial for performance and longevity. 

Pillar IV: Stress Management


Life is inherently stressful; from relationships 

to our careers. We must strengthen 

resilience through practice.

Pillar V: Reducing Toxic Burden


The modern world is a toxic place. We must take active measures to reduce chronic exposure and regularly detoxify our bodies.